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Libraries store the power of knowledge that fuels our imagination.

Education is one of the most powerful aspects of life. Education and learning allow us to make sense of the world around us, the world inside of us, and where we fit within the world.

Education helps us get exposure to new ideas and concepts that we can use to appreciate and improve the world around us and the world within us.Education is the tool that breaks down all barriers.

Education is part of the foundation of all progress and growth, both as an individual and as a society.Libraries are important for any community as they provide access to knowledge and opportunities to learn.

The library is like a second home for any budding bookworm.
All things are possible because anything can be learned.

We from Chandrans Yuva Foundation with the support of Aditya Krishna College under Mind Gear initiative set a free library for Government school in rural areas to improve the education of future generations.

Chandrans Yuva Foundation Monthly E Newsletter Febraury



The meeting of the Core Group of our Foundation was held on the 13th February 2021 at Hashsix Hotel. The meeting was chaired by Mrs.S.Sashikala, Chairperson-Chandrans Yuva Foundation. And the meeting was attended by our core group members. In this meeting, our members stressed the need for more frequent interaction and better coordination of the efforts by our foundation. Our foundation initiating more skill development programs and bringing awareness to the people to help differently-abled people. Several initiatives were discussed in this core group meeting.

Certificate distribution for Kids

Chandrans Yuva Foundation organized competitions below 12 years children on various topics like drawing, singing, storytelling in the topic of “My Hero”.The children were asked to submit their works through WhatsApp.We always welcome such events which encourage children and involve them in such activities. Many children turned out to participate in the event. We had a prize distribution event for the competition participants. we distributed certificates for all the participants and prizes for the top 3 winners.

Advisory Meeting

An advisory committee is conducted by our Foundation which is a collection of individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills which augment the knowledge and skills of the formal board of directors in order to more effectively guide. Which provides non-binding strategic advice to the management of Chandrans Yuvanshankar foundation. The advisory board meeting was attended by Chandrans Yuva Foundation chairperson Ms.S.Sashikala, following Dr.Sri kumar,Mr.Sathguru,Mr. Michael,Mr.Selva kumar,Mr.Manikandan and Mr.Siva.


Chandrans          Yuva      Foundation organized a Blood  Donation  Camp. Many  people  who  donated  blood  in this camp were Mr.C.Santhosh is a Visually challenged person who also donated   blood.He   is    currently working in our Chandrans Yuva Foundation he says, “I take  each donation camp as my contribution to society  And  I  take  pride  in participating in such activities also he added ‘something in me forced me to volunteer  that  decision  changed  the way I looked at myself. I  no  longer felt handicapped. I was  able  to contribute  to  the  society   like   any other abled body person,” says Mr.C.Santhosh.


Everyone deserves a good education Every year Thousands of children dropped out of schools in India due to poverty. Chandrans Yuva Foundation has come forward to take care of dropped-out students. Students from rural and remote areas attending classes at Chandrans Yuva foundation. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.


Chandrans  Yuva  Foundation  initiated  a  daily  yoga class  for   visually   challenged   people,   differently- abled  people,  and  the  staff  working   in   the foundation. Yoga practice in  the  morning  helps  our body  to  relax  and  peaceful  mind.  This  yoga  session is  instructed  by  Mr. C.Santhosh who  is a visually challenged person and is  working        in   Our foundation.


Visually challenged  people  are  superhumans, they have done impossible things which perfect  Humans can’t do. How visually challenged people doing  this? only through practice. Chandrans Yuva Foundation conducted a training program  about  basket  weaving for the visually challenged person.  Through  this training program, encourages people to start their weaving business and manage their livelihood.


Chandrans yuva foundation Foundation directed a workshop for outwardly tested individuals on the preparation of sewing the edges and logos close by towel and shower towel by utilizing the force administrator and sewing machines.


The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance, and courage that no disability can steal away. In our Chandrans Yuva Foundation, in the month of February, we celebrated the birthday of Ms.Kavitha who is a visually challenged person. She has never celebrated her birthday since her Childhood so our Foundation decided to bring happiness to her, So we celebrated her birthday along with all our staff and distributed sweets and food with the grace of joy.

Celebration of humanity is in everyone’s hands – F OU N D E R


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The pediatric wards set up in Hospitals are places of high importance for providing safe and effective multi disciplinary pediatric care for children.

Particularly, the pediatric ward is highly essential in developing Cities as there are lots of very young children requiring need and attention in Terms of hygienic Food, Healthcare. Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital has the important Ward in its premises for taking care with around 250 beds for The Future of our Country.

In order to wipe away, the negative things happened to them at an early stage (mainly due to health issues) the Mental Health has to be Strong and Vibrant. Chandrans Yuva Foundation in order to cater the kids towards that vibrant drive took initiative with the help of Various College Students in Coimbatore, Transgenders, Painted the Wards Walls with lots and lots of vibrant colors.

Over 60+ Students participated in this initiative and nearly 50 Litres of Paint was used to completely fill the pediatrics ward.

Thanks to the Dean, Doctors, Nurses, Admin and Supporting Staffs, and The Ever Bright Children for their valuable Support.


Chandrans Yuva Foundation has always believed Entrepreneurship Thrive among Students is very much necessary to lead our society from the front. We come up with motivational and awareness speeches regarding the same among College going Students. At such gatherings in PSG College of Arts and Science, Our Team had created awareness among the students about the opportunities which are available in their career and highlighted the importance of Technology in making the necessary applications to develop the skills.

The Ultimate goal of Chandrans Yuva Foundation is to develop Entrepreneurship, with respect to all sections of the society. Even the Skill Development workshops which are organized in the Foundation premises focus on the Same Goal.

The Program also had an overwhelming response from the College with the ideas and application available now, ignited the entrepreneurial mind set even in the Professional Career of how Technology will be helping them to
carry out the same.


Chandrans Yuva Foundation successfully inaugurated Yuva Club as its another wing of Yuva Club in Sardar Vallabhai Patel by Inspector General of Police Mr. Periahah and Director and Dean of the institution Dr. NK Gandhi. The Yuva Club will be coordinating many events and initiatives starting the College premises level.

The Students will be motivated with society awareness and with the active participation in the initiatives organized it will be acting as a catalyst for the motivation of the entrepreneurial spirit for the students.

The inauguration of the Yuva Club started with the Cloth Donation Box where students, staff donated clothes which will be channeled towards the tribal people living and underprivileged people in remote places.

The Event was also honored by the President of the institution, Vice President of the institution and the Chairman

Grown with Chocolate @Eurokids

Chandrans Yuva’s Diwali Celebrations – Dhumanoor, Sembakarai # Anaikatti # Tribal world !

Dhumanoor, a lovely place amidst hills and forests in the region of Anaikatti. The celebration of Diwali is never over without goods and foods. The school of Dhumanoor were very happy in receiving the Sports Materials, Stationery Materials, Notes etc. It helped their children in celebrating the Diwali in a productive and useful manner.

The program was made possible, our sincere thanks to the Respected School Headmaster, Mr. Shanmugasundaram for his support and arrangements.