Month: November 2020

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Diwali Free Cloth Distribution at CYF

Honourable coimbatore IAS official K.Rajamani, visited Chandrans Yuva establishment to appropriate New garments and school sacks to sanitary workers, underprivileged people and visually challenged people’s family as a diwali celebration, This occasion is directed under the social distances.

Cloth Distribution at CYF to Sanitary Workers

Chandran yuva foundation welcomed the neighborhood level sanitary laborers and underprivileged workers in trash yard which is situated in vellalore and circulated new apparel to them under the correct social distance.


Chandran yuva establishment circulated New clothings to New conceived infants and their families and to laborers in Government clinic and furthermore in hospital and government medical college in coimbatore,as a diwali festivity. Within the sight of Dr.P.Kalidass, the Dean of Coimbatore clinical college. This occasion is led under the social distances.


Clothing is the basic need of common people. Many among India’s poor and underprivileged lack adequate clothing. Chandran Yuva foundation takes a step to provide clothes to the Children in Universal peace foundation which is located in Tirupur. Mainly clothes are sorted out according to size, gender and type. Getting the clothes, the children got so happy and we can see that happiness in their eyes also. They changed clothes to new ones and shouted to one other with full of happiness that “I got a new dress”. The Team Yuva foundation also got happy to see the big smile on the faces of the children.


Among the major contributory variables for spread of occasional and vector-borne illnesses in the zone of Aanaikatti particularly the youngsters, to mosquito chomp as their bodies are not covered appropriately with garments. Chandran Yuva Foundation distributed the total new garments to more than 200 living families in Aanaikatti ancestral and rustic regions.


Chandran yuva foundation visited the neighborhood low level sanitary laborers and underprivileged workers in trash yard which is situated in vellalore and distributed the lunch to them under the correct social distance.


Chandran Yuva foundation establishment directed a workshop for outwardly tested individuals on the preparation of sewing the edges and logos close by towel and shower towel by utilizing the force administrator and sewing machines.


Chandran yuva Foundation associated alongside with Ms. Preethiga Balaji, the chairperson of FICCI Flo, Coimbatore. Directed baking training course for 30 rural region women which is held at Chandran Yuva baking skill development unit. Through this training it encourages the women to begin a home made cooking business like home- made cakes and biscuits which assists with running their livelihood.

DIWALI LAMPS MAKING By our Visually challenged people

A candles and lights loses nothing by lighting another candle. Diwali, karthigai deepam and christmas is the ideal time for it. We anticipate raising more for this reason. Chandran yuva foundation led a training program for blindly challenged people to make lights and candle. Through this program it urges them to begin a little candle variety of things to push along their livehood.Their world is dim however they strives to illuminate our reality.

WellBeing Primary Health Centre Project Initiation

  • To reducing exclusion and social disparies in health.
  • To organizing health services around people’s needs and expectaons.
  • To integrang health into all sectors.
  • To pursuing collaborave models of policy dialogue(leadership reforms).
  • Health workforce developments.
  • Community parcipaon
  • To provide comprehensive health care to the community at WHCs.
  • To achieve and maintain an acceptable standards of quality of care.
  • To make the services more responsive and sensive to the need of the community.
  • Primary health centre is the first contact point between the village community and the Chandrans Yuva Foundation officer. it provides curave, prevenve and promove services to the peoples.

Android App

Chandran Yuva foundation will going to launch an Android app on Jan 1st 2020. it is a friendly user app during which every Mobile users can able to access it. Chandran yuva android app elaborate about the inspiration activities, updates about the long run events, discount coupons, volunteering details. This app is accessible in english. Regional language are going to be added on to the platform going forward.


Basket making workshop

Visually challenged people’s are a superhumans, they have done impossible things which a perfect Humans can’t do. How visually challenged people doing this? by only through practice. Chandran Yuva foundation associated alongside with Ms.Preethiga balaji, the chairperson FICCI Flo, coimbatore. conducted a training program about the basket weaving for the visually challenged person. Through this training program it encourages the people to start their weaving business and manage their livelihood.


There are many ways to push for much-needed reforms: One way is to make a donation. It doesn’t matter much whether you contribute publicly or in a private way – either way is good. What matters is your true intention.

Ms. Anitha celebrated her son’s blooming birthday by distributed lunch at Chandrans Yuva Foundation.

Celebration of humanity is in everyone’s hands – F OU N DER