Month: June 2021


High quality education is the foundation of a child’s life. It is what drives them to grow with wisdom and intelligence as such , it requires the right tools. However school supplies are costly and for some parents and caregivers, buying new material every year is something they cannot afford. If you have a box of pencils or tube of glue to spare, consider donating school supplies and supporting a child’s future.

In consideration with importance of education chandrans yuva foundation donates books, stationary and school bags to these underprivileged innocent kids.

It is an initiative by chandrans yuva to ensure that every child attends school with dignity. The objective is to encourage every child to take the first step towards school by providing them with basic necessities like school bag, notebook, pen, erasers, pencils and label sheets. 40% of India’s population is below 18 years children, less than half of the children go to school. And only 1/3 reach to grade8, children dropping out of school owing to limited financial means, lack of access to school materials& parents indifference towards education.In an attempt to combat this challenge, Chandrans yuva foundation initiated this program to ensure that basic school supplies reach even the remotest areas.

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Due to covid crisis many individuals such as daily wagers, children and underprivileged would suffered. Chandrans yuva foundation came forward to help those people by distributing free food packs to the needy people on June24,2021, Coimbatore. They feel that giving a small contribution to these poor will makes them feel happy and healthier.

It is very significant for the society or nation if wanted to become a developed nation than it is vital to make the lives of poor people better especially those who are living below the poverty line. There are many ways that leads to help others so please help donate for needy and poor people who are suffering on their daily basis. There are millions of people are having a need for essential survival products like food, clothing and shelter. We are living in a world where 2types of people are living, one who is lavishingly enjoying their life but on the other hand, people are also suffering to get their daily basic meal to survive.

Donating to the needy not just benefits the recipient, it also benefits the donor in improving the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being.

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Chandrans yuva foundation distributed free clothes and blankets to underprivileged and differently abled people

This pandemic made many underprivileged and daily wager’s life distressful, Chandrans yuva foundation came forward to support them and provides new clothes to the needy people in rural areas.                                                                                                                                

Season is changing and your clothes from last year may not fit. If you notice clothes piling up in your family’s closets-and you are looking forward for a way to help the less fortunate – donating clothes could be a super easy start. We from Chandrans yuva foundation collect all kinds of summer and winter clothes for children and adults, all the clothes were cleaned, ironed and neatly packed to distributeA small gesture of yours will be a boon for poverty stricken, deprived people to stay happy during the cruel summer/winter season. So show your generosity and help us to collect as many as clothes to keep the deprived ones comfortable in harsh summer and winter seasons Survival is difficult for the poor, but winter creates additional burden on them. It is a desperate struggle for the homeless and poor to survive the winter season. We at Chandrans yuva foundation donates blankets to the underprivileged people.

Due to this covid pandemic, people lost their daily wages, So we from our foundation go to all the rural areas to identify the needy and distribute clothing for them. You can witness “A happy face of a mentally challenged girl receiving cloth pack. Be a part of this can donate your pre-loved dresses in good condition,call us @ +91 86758 22222 for further details            Join hands with us to serve our society and people, visit our site, enroll  as our volunteer today!!! 

Saplings Plantation in Palladam by Chandrans Yuva Foundation

Chandrans Yuva Foundation has pledged to planting more trees as part of the GO GREEN initiative. Our aim is to plant 12lakh saplings in Tamilnadu. 2lakh plants had successfully planted across Noyyal river and it was maintained by our volunteer team regularly.

Much has been written about the importance of trees and one would be hard-pressed to refute their benefits. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, trees also provide other benefits which have always been there but are now coming more in focus. Trees can help provide a stress relief during these crazy and unusual times.

The coronavirus disease pandemic has certainly caused people’s stress level to skyrocket. Fear and anxiety about an unseen virus and what could happen can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. There are many people who worry about our health and the health of loved ones. That stress along with financial and job worries, changes in sleeping and eating patterns and difficulty in sleeping can be overwhelming causing anxiety and the need for release. Exposure to trees boost our immune system. Spending time arround trees and looking at trees reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. Researchers found that taking in natural sights significantly decreased the scores of anxiety, depression, anger, confusion and fatigue.

Chandrans Yuva foundation had came forward to support our environment and planted 50 saplings in palladam road every week. Regular watering and maintenance will be taken care by our Volunteers in Palladam.

Chandrans yuva foundation offers free oxygen concentrator to differently abled and underprivileged people

As part of covid 19 relief measures Chandrans yuva foundation had been doing a lot of relief measures and awareness programs during this lockdown period in Coimbatore district.

In connection to the pandemic with collaboration with Vishwa bodhi foundation have donated about three new oxygen concentrators to chandrans yuva foundation and planned to contribute 15 more concentrators in addition to that Chandrans yuva foundation also donated an oximeter, digital thermometer, all covid related safety equipment

Chandrans yuva foundation highlight of the newly donated oxygen concentrator is that differently abled people anyone who is suffering from oxygen drop level can take our free hiring oxygen concentrator and oximeters can use the service during their quarantine. And once recovered they can return the products. We have introduced this concept, since differently abled and physically challenged people might be facing trouble during this pandemic and to make them get use of this service, we have done it, the chandrans yuva foundation chairperson said Shasikala sathiyamurthy- Chairperson&CEO-Chandrans yuva foundation, during the inaugural event held at their campus.

Sivanesan-Founder&Managing trustee-chandrans yuva foundation, Naresh Ranka director from Vishwabodhi foundation, Swathi-coordinator,Vishwabothi foundation were also present and inaugurated the free service to the differently abled community. Those who need to register for use of the free service, may use the below mobile application and can contact the below mobile number oxygen concentrator support contact +91 86758 22222.