Month: August 2020

Chandrans Yuva Foundation Monthly E Newsletter


Agarpathi making workshop conducted by chandrans yuva even to help the visually challenged financially independent. we carried out our skill work shop to help the visually challenged self sustain.

Lets not forget our front line super hero’s our sanitation workers who have tirelessly worked in spite of a pandemic keeping us safe it’s our duty to help then stay safe rising to our duty we handed out sanitation kit consisting of masks, sanitiser and other essential safety kit

Independence day celebration was held at our head quarters on chandrans yuva where the flag hoist was held before eminent government officials along with our super heros sanitation workers

We believe women are the future of a successful country or any organisation with this in immune we have our special wing of women director who work tirelessly to empower fellow women to achieve the impossible

True to our motto of belong physically challenged we continue to take training classes for differently abled across various skills making them competent and knowledgeable to face the world bravely.

Our monthly directors meeting held at chandrans yuva to put in perspective our ideologies and mission to carry out successfully within our city to help build better community

When you plant a tree you plant a generation following the path of Dr. A.P.J Abdulkalam of seeing a greener India. Chandrans yuva does it part in planting trees in Pattanam village.

Yoga awareness talk given by swamy highlightig the importance of health and to embrace our ancient techniques of yoga to live a healthy life.

Yuwave cultivating young talent and providing a space where these youngsters can showcase their talents our student held RJ shows are the best example of this where we search for the bright young take talent and provide them the line light of success

India is a country of young blood, youth have the power to be the change that’s why they are the heart of chandrans yuva. our youth directors are always a part in taking important decisions and bring out effective changes