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Celebrating Diwali with Anaikatti Tribal peoples

Diwali should be celebrated by all individuals, On the other hand for people such as underpriviliged and tribals had no facililities and they cant afford it. In order to that we from Chandrans Yuva Foundation travel to Sengutta Village, Anaikatti hills area to distribute the diwali dresses and bring smile on their faces. Dr.Ganga Joined with us to enlighten the celebration.

Dresses for all kids, girls, womens and Mens and they enjoyed it.

Also we lightened crackers with them to celebrate their Diwali with happiness.

Diwali dresses distributed in Pediatric ward at CMCH, Coimbatore

On this Diwali, it is pure bliss to light the happiness of the little flowers in the pediatric department at Coimbatore medical College.

Diwali is not only for New dress its also for new Beginnings

Our Chandrans Yuva Foundation never miss to celebrate and spreading love on the society. For this Diwali, Chandrans Yuva Foundation distribute diwali dresses to the chuldrens in the pediatric ward of Coimbatore Government Hospital. They are ecstatic about the dress.

We Chandrans Yuva Foundation founded in 2017 with our head office in Coimbatore has done many good deeds such as planting thousands of saplings to increase greenery in yhe coimbatore district, conducting programmes to improve the lives of prison inmates, providing special training to the differentlyabled and assisting them in finding employment, and providing daily meals to the most financially deprived.

A free clothing station has already been established on behalf of the foundation to benefit the poor people who come to the coimbatore Government Hospital for treatment and are being filled with clothes every week. The majority of the Children receiving care are impoverished. The foundation has given new clothes to nearly 500 children in order to ensure that they do not run out of new clothes to wear, this Diwali.

Chandrans Yuva Foundation Founder Mr.Sivanesan, Co-Founder Mrs.Shasikala Sathiyamurthy, Dr.Nirmala, Dean, Government medical college hospital, Coimbatore, Mr.Sathyanarayanan, General Manager, Coimbatore, Pothys, Foundation Directors Mr.Sivakumar, Mr.Selvakumar and rotary district President Mr.Maruti, Rotary Aakruthi Sangha President Mrs.Vidya Ramesh and Nazeema Sherin Muthu are Participated in the event.

Small Gesture to Corporation workers

Everyone enjoys their work and has the ability to choose their job. However some people in society are required to participate in a profession because of their situations.

Work is Worship- Everyone in our country celebrates Saraswathi and Aayudha Pooja to honor their Profession. This Year Chandrans Yuva Foundation join hands with Coimbatore Corporation employees to honor their profession of cleaning up our society. Without them, our city will be filthy, they are the first people we see in the morning. We, Chandrans Yuva took the initiative to encourage and honour their profession. w e went to Coimbatore corporation office to take part in Saraswathi and Aayutha Poooja celebrations. Mrs.Shasikala Sathiyamurthy chairman of the Chandrans Yuva Foundation distributes some samll gifts to the corporation workers at the end of the Aayudha Pooja celebration. Never forget to look at the small things in society. The society requires appreciation and encouragement.

Needy things sponsored to oldage people

Chandrans Yuva foundation takes an immense pleasure in celebrating the WORLD ELDERS DAY with  our honorable collector Dr. sameeran I.A.S .The needy things for the inmates like flask , head woolen caps etc..was distributed by our collector @ st. Joseph home for Aged & Destitute – Chettipalayam road , Coimbatore.

An Honorable Moment of our Co-Founder & Chairperson

We are all familiar with the Lions Club and their charitable work. We Chandran’s Yuva Foundation assists differently abled people, as well as deserted women, children, and transgender people. Yuva Foundation of Chandran Create an opportunity for them to begin their lives and support them by providing skill development initiatives such as basket manufacturing, bag stitching, crafts, organic products such as soap and fragrance sticks, and so on.

Which helps them to be self-confident in society and make their lives as prosperous as possible.

To recognize and encourage Chandran’s Yuva Foundation, Lions Club Governor Mr. S. Ramkumar presented an award to Mrs. Shashikala Sathyamurthy, chairman of Chandran’s Yuva Foundation, and remember the success of ISR MARATHON 2022.

This award is the most prestigious, and it recognizes Chandrans Yuva Foundation’s efforts and social activities.

Chandrans Yuva Foundation’s Co-Founder and Chairperson, Mrs Shasikala Sathiyamurthy had honoured by Dr.Kama Hasan Sir for her extraordinary service towards the society.

Appreciated Chandrans Yuva Foundation in Para basket ball match@ Karunya University

Karunya University organizes a sports programme for people with disabilities to commemorate the Chairman’s 60th birthday. They organize the State Tournament. More differently abled people participate and play well in the Wheel Chair Basket and Para Volleyball Tournaments in and around the state.

Chandran’s Yuva foundation never misses an opportunity to recognize and encourage such charitable efforts.

Chandran’s Yuva Foundation participated as a volunteer and helped make the event a success. At the conclusion of the tournament, Mrs. Shasikala Sathyamurthy, Chairman of Chandran’s Yuva, was recognized and appreciated for her social activities as well as the vision and mission of Chandran’s Yuva.

Handloom Products Stall in Central Railway Station

Various handloom products stall such as Baskets, cloth bags, Zip bags, Mobile pouches, Agarbathi, Candles etc.. made by our Chandrans Yuva Foundation’s Visually challenged people had alloted to us in Central Railway Station,Coimbatore for 15days. It was an excellent opportunity for us and our visually challenged to reach out and give awareness to most of the physically challenged, rural womens, house wives etc. Also we would like to thank Railway team members for this opportunity.

One Station One Product’s mission is to promote regionally unique and indigenous goods and crafts by setting up display and sales locations in railroad stations by the government. We the Chandran’s Yuva Foundation receive that great chance. People from the Chandran’s Yuva Foundation set up a stall at the Coimbatore Railway station to make benefit of this opportunity.

Products made by the people with disabilities from the Chandran’s Yuva Foundation, such as handicrafts, artifacts, textiles and handlooms, traditional clothing, processed/semi-processed foods, spices and forest products, sandalwood-based products, coffee, and cardamom, etc., are available for purchase in the one station, one product stall.

This boosts the confidence of those with disabilities and motivates them. This encourages people to be courageous and strong in society. They gain confidence and are inspired to participate in national programme like ONE STATION ONE PRODUCT

The INVISIBLE KALEIDOSCOPE for skill development initiative of Chandran’s Yuva Foundation assists them in achieving these types of programmes. This Program starts from 22 Aug. 2022 to 6 sep.2022. This one station one product takes 15 days in the railway station, more people buy products from the stall, which motivates and appreciates them.

At this event, they not only sell their manufacturing product, but they also raise awareness about a plastic-free world.

A hero is an ordinary person who finds the strength to persevere and endure in the face of overwhelming odds.


On 21st August 2022, We from Chandrans Yuva Foundation have Conducted ISR RUN 2022, “A RUN FOR THEM WITH THEM” to support the differentlyabled community. This marathon is first of its kind marathon where you can witness the cause of your run on the same day at the same stage. soon after the marathon we distributed all the beneficiaries required for differentlyabled community like blind glasses and canes for visually challenged, hearing aids for deaf, tricycles and wheelchair for handicapped people, vessels for transgender, education kit for underprivileged school children.

The ISR Marathon is about more than just finishing the race and improving your time. But there’s something else that draws people in. The event gives participants the opportunity to help differently abled people. ISR Marathon is an example of personal social responsibility. It all comes down to giving back to society.

The ISR Marathon began in the year 2018. The goal is to bridge the gap between differently abled people and the general public. ISR Marathon helps differently abled and disabled people in the community.

For the past five years, Chandran’s Yuva Foundation has organised the ISR MARATHON; but nevertheless, the marathons in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled because of covid lockdown. After two years, CYF MADE A BIG RETURN, with over 5000 people participating and witnessing the Run’s cause. The ISR marathon is everyone’s social responsibility; its goal is to help the differently abled community by encouraging them to achieve and give meaning to their lives.

Chandran’s Yuva Foundation held the ISR MARATHON – A Run for Differently Abled Community on Sunday, August 21, 2022, in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. This year’s event featured a famous Guinness Recorded Chef MR. Damodaran and Actor Azhar as chief guests. Mrs. Shashikala Sathyamoorthi, the Chairperson, honoured the Chief Guests. The founder of the SSVM Group of Institutions, Mrs.

Manimekalai Mohan, and S. Ramkumar, district governor of Lions Club International, were there to officially launch the Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) Marathon as well as the guest chef Mr. Damodaran.

The marathon was divided into four age categories: 1km, 3km, 5km, and 10km. Individuals with disabilities, school and college students, and ordinary citizens all took part. The disabled community took part in a wheelchair marathon around the VOC park grounds. Participants and winners were honoured and awarded certificates and medals at this large event. Beneficiaries received tricycles, wheelchairs, sewing machines, hearing aids, artificial limbs, and blind glasses.






One of the most important roles in our life is that of the doctor. We frequently hear that because of their ability to save lives, doctors are second God. Every year on July 1st, people celebrate “National Doctors’ Day” to honour their contributions. The occasion serves to remind people of the efforts and sacrifices made by medical professionals. we from Chandrans Yuva Foundation honour our super heroes on Doctor’s day July12022 by providing them an gift hampers made by our Visually Challenged People.

Sewing Machines Sponsered to Visually Challenged People

Chandrans Yuva Foundation’s ongoing noble and righteous works on self self empowerment for the visually impaired people is been known and they are successfully marching on to the 5th year in this journey. on this Republic day, Rotary club of metrodynamics joined hands in this good cause and donated sewing machines for the Visually challenged people as an act of developing the rural population. providing these people, will have an opportunity to use their skill work towards a promising future for themselves and their families.