Day: September 20, 2022

An Honorable Moment of our Co-Founder & Chairperson

We are all familiar with the Lions Club and their charitable work. We Chandran’s Yuva Foundation assists differently abled people, as well as deserted women, children, and transgender people. Yuva Foundation of Chandran Create an opportunity for them to begin their lives and support them by providing skill development initiatives such as basket manufacturing, bag stitching, crafts, organic products such as soap and fragrance sticks, and so on.

Which helps them to be self-confident in society and make their lives as prosperous as possible.

To recognize and encourage Chandran’s Yuva Foundation, Lions Club Governor Mr. S. Ramkumar presented an award to Mrs. Shashikala Sathyamurthy, chairman of Chandran’s Yuva Foundation, and remember the success of ISR MARATHON 2022.

This award is the most prestigious, and it recognizes Chandrans Yuva Foundation’s efforts and social activities.

Chandrans Yuva Foundation’s Co-Founder and Chairperson, Mrs Shasikala Sathiyamurthy had honoured by Dr.Kama Hasan Sir for her extraordinary service towards the society.