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    Libraries store the power of knowledge that fuels our imagination.

    Education is one of the most powerful aspects of life. Education and learning allow us to make sense of the world around us, the world inside of us, and where we fit within the world.

    Education helps us get exposure to new ideas and concepts that we can use to appreciate and improve the world around us and the world within us.Education is the tool that breaks down all barriers.

    Education is part of the foundation of all progress and growth, both as an individual and as a society.Libraries are important for any community as they provide access to knowledge and opportunities to learn.

    The library is like a second home for any budding bookworm.
    All things are possible because anything can be learned.

    We from Chandrans Yuva Foundation with the support of Aditya Krishna College under Mind Gear initiative set a free library for Government school in rural areas to improve the education of future generations.

  • Yuwave Awards for our RJS and VJS

     Annual Yuva online radio ceremony took place on World FM Radio day April1 in our Yuwave Studio by honouring our VJ’S and RJ’S with awards and gifts .

  • Stress Management Presentation in RAF Camp

    Vallalur RAF camp , Our chief Mrs.Sasikala delivering eloquent speech on managing stress at vallalur RAF camp . Various mind games were also held to refresh the participants and keep their mind stress free.

  • All About NGO DAY in our Chandrans Yuva Foundation

    NGO day – February 27 is World NGO is celebrated at Chandrans Yuva Foundation as an endeavour to acknowledge and help the underprivileged and the needy. Honourable Rtd. Assistant commissioner Mr.Ramachandran set foot , patronised and added glory to the event. As an added merit to the event , the members of International legal rights and human justice committee association took part .

    On this occasion the importance of educating the children and providing them with food and shelter were addressed and discussed in this programme. Significant contributions such as bags , books and notes were distributed to the children in order to encourage them for their future venture.

  • Valentines Day with Special Persons

     Valentine’s Day is considered as a day to spread and share love . Chandrans Yuva foundation took an initiative to do some good this season and bring meaning to Valentine’s Day celebrations by organising a function at Cannan trust ,uppilipalayam to share the love, joy, laughter and blessings with the old ages and orphans. They were presented with bedsheets and clothes to make their day extra lovable and special . Nevertheless eevryone enjoyed their time with those beautiful hearts by playing games and watching movies .

  • Cancer Day

    To mark World cancer day , Chandrans Yuva foundation organised a Bedsheets and Clothes giving ceremony for the cancer patients at GKNM hospital. Mrs.Sasikala , Chair person Chandrans Yuva foundation mentioned that this ceremony constitutes the slew of activities to salute the cancer survivors and the caregivers in the hospital. Dr.Mrs.BanuRao gracing us with her presence made it more memorable and the event significant.

  • Pongal Celebration in Achankulam Village With our Senior Citizens

     Pongal is one of the major and important festival in Tamilnadu . Pongal celebration especially focuses on celebrating the forces of nature , the farm animals and the people who brings those to life , the farmers .   Chandrans Yuva foundation celebrated this Pongal with those nature growers , our respectable farmers in Achangulam , palladam. Gearing up this event , our cultivators were honoured with Momento’s , Shield’s and Gift hampers by Our honourable Chairperson Mrs.Sasikala. Highlighting this event , Mr. P.K.Selvaraj , Mr.R.Mohanraj shared their enormous experience in the field , the pros and cons of today’s agriculture culture world and their rejoice in celebrating this soulful festival. They also thanked Chandrans Yuva foundation and our chairperson Mrs.Shasikala , for organising one such grand event and considering them esteem .

  • Blind Cricket Tournament @SSVM INSTITUTIONS

    Ssvm school – encouraging the young visually Challenged persons on sports activities. Chandrans Yuva foundation organised a cricket league for blind cricketers at SSVM school on Dec5,International day of Visually impaired  . This event was to promote the importance of sports among the students , helping them to see a better and energetic future . Gifts and awards were distributed to the winners .

  • Celebrating Our Chairperson’s Mrs.Shasikala Birthday

    With much enthusiasm and pride on Nov22 , we the members of Yuva team celebrated the birthday of our Beloved Mrs.Shasikala, a woman of distinct vision and determination pinnacled as a successful businesswoman and a kind mother of Coimbatore district. , film producer, actor and distributor. She has given her best support to the visually impaired people through all possible ways making him/her envision a colour to life .

  • Karthigai Dheebam Festival

    Our People light earthen lamps at home and in temples on Karthigai deepam to celebrate the enormity of The Great God. This year, Karthigai Deepam was blissfully celebrated at our foundation by our members. Here are few glimpses of the lighting event