Handloom Products Stall in Central Railway Station

Handloom Products Stall in Central Railway Station

Various handloom products stall such as Baskets, cloth bags, Zip bags, Mobile pouches, Agarbathi, Candles etc.. made by our Chandrans Yuva Foundation’s Visually challenged people had alloted to us in Central Railway Station,Coimbatore for 15days. It was an excellent opportunity for us and our visually challenged to reach out and give awareness to most of the physically challenged, rural womens, house wives etc. Also we would like to thank Railway team members for this opportunity.

One Station One Product’s mission is to promote regionally unique and indigenous goods and crafts by setting up display and sales locations in railroad stations by the government. We the Chandran’s Yuva Foundation receive that great chance. People from the Chandran’s Yuva Foundation set up a stall at the Coimbatore Railway station to make benefit of this opportunity.

Products made by the people with disabilities from the Chandran’s Yuva Foundation, such as handicrafts, artifacts, textiles and handlooms, traditional clothing, processed/semi-processed foods, spices and forest products, sandalwood-based products, coffee, and cardamom, etc., are available for purchase in the one station, one product stall.

This boosts the confidence of those with disabilities and motivates them. This encourages people to be courageous and strong in society. They gain confidence and are inspired to participate in national programme like ONE STATION ONE PRODUCT

The INVISIBLE KALEIDOSCOPE for skill development initiative of Chandran’s Yuva Foundation assists them in achieving these types of programmes. This Program starts from 22 Aug. 2022 to 6 sep.2022. This one station one product takes 15 days in the railway station, more people buy products from the stall, which motivates and appreciates them.

At this event, they not only sell their manufacturing product, but they also raise awareness about a plastic-free world.

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