Day: October 4, 2022

Small Gesture to Corporation workers

Everyone enjoys their work and has the ability to choose their job. However some people in society are required to participate in a profession because of their situations.

Work is Worship- Everyone in our country celebrates Saraswathi and Aayudha Pooja to honor their Profession. This Year Chandrans Yuva Foundation join hands with Coimbatore Corporation employees to honor their profession of cleaning up our society. Without them, our city will be filthy, they are the first people we see in the morning. We, Chandrans Yuva took the initiative to encourage and honour their profession. w e went to Coimbatore corporation office to take part in Saraswathi and Aayutha Poooja celebrations. Mrs.Shasikala Sathiyamurthy chairman of the Chandrans Yuva Foundation distributes some samll gifts to the corporation workers at the end of the Aayudha Pooja celebration. Never forget to look at the small things in society. The society requires appreciation and encouragement.